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Sticking doors, cracking sheetrock and foundation worries are probably why you’re reading this. You think there may be a problem with your foundaiton. Here’s good news; repairs may not be necessary. And, even if they are, they dont have to be a disruptive mess. Du-West Foundation Repair offers methods which are convenient, quick, and guaranteed.


Du-West only does work that’s necessary because needless work on a foundation can cause problems down the road. More than half the foundations Du-West checks annually don’t need repair. Instead we’re able to help you with maintenance solutions such as watering, changing drainage or installing root shields to head off more serious problems.


After conducting a thorough evaluation, Du-West’s foundation repair specialists determine if foundation repairs are necessary, you will receive a detailed foundation footprint drawing including elevation readings and an estimate. Du-West repaired areas are often covered by a lifetime transferable warranty. Learn more about our lifetime warranty.


Whether it’s a home or commercial building, industrial facility, or highway bridge, Du-West’s foundation repair technology delivers complete leveling solutions. Because of Du-West’s experience using a variety of techniques, you can feel secure knowing we’ll recommend a repair method thats the best fit for your specific need. View some of our solutions.

Raise a Home with Du-West

Being in the foundation industry for quite some time, I’ve come across many ways that you can fix a foundation problem. There are minor cases where people try to fix it themselves which we don’t recommend due to safety hazards, and in the case that the job was done wrong, the repair to reverse it is very expensive. Then there are the major cases where the homes have to be lifted from the ground by using jacks. The Du-West processes range from the patented Ultra-Pile system to the system of jacks in which we lift the home completely off the ground. Most foundation companies do not know how to raise a home in the air to get it out of flood waters. Moreover, Du-West was the first to specialize in lifting a home, and even now, there are few companies that can do this. We do what ever it takes to get it done the right way.

Reasons why a homeowner would need to be raised are to keep it from flooding. If your flood damage is more than 50 percent of the value of your home, you must raise it to the current elevation standards in order to get permits to rebuild. Another factor to keep in mind is that your flood insurance may no longer pay for flood damages time after time. After a couple of floods, your insurance company may drop you or help you pay for the raising.

Above is a house that Du-West fixed 20 years ago. This home would flood at the sight of gray skies. In the severe cases, water would reach over the counter tops. At the time, the value of the home was approximately $85,000 due to the constant flooding in the home. Once the home was raised, the value increased to $300,000. In many cases, the value of the home will raise to what its actual value is and not the lower flood value.Du-West physically raised this home 9 feet off the ground and has since then helped many homeowners facing flood problems.

Watch our mini-video to learn more on how Du-West can raise your home!

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