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Foundation Repair.

Sticking doors, cracking sheetrock and foundation worries are probably why you’re reading this. You think there may be a problem with your foundaiton. Here’s good news; repairs may not be necessary. And, even if they are, they dont have to be a disruptive mess. Du-West Foundation Repair offers methods which are convenient, quick, and guaranteed.


Du-West only does work that’s necessary because needless work on a foundation can cause problems down the road. More than half the foundations Du-West checks annually don’t need repair. Instead we’re able to help you with maintenance solutions such as watering, changing drainage or installing root shields to head off more serious problems.


After conducting a thorough evaluation, Du-West’s foundation repair specialists determine if foundation repairs are necessary, you will receive a detailed foundation footprint drawing including elevation readings and an estimate. Du-West repaired areas are often covered by a lifetime transferable warranty. Learn more about our lifetime warranty.


Whether it’s a home or commercial building, industrial facility, or highway bridge, Du-West’s foundation repair technology delivers complete leveling solutions. Because of Du-West’s experience using a variety of techniques, you can feel secure knowing we’ll recommend a repair method thats the best fit for your specific need. View some of our solutions.

Bands for Brothers & Sisters

Du-West is putting down the tools and backing Bands for Brothers & Sisters Concert featuring Ted Nugent. 100% of these ticket sales will be going to Operation Finally Home. This is an admirable organization that builds and gives homes to troops. We’re proud to be part of an organization that helps support our troops even after they’ve finished their assignments. Du West will be sponsoring the concert to help raise funds so that we can build as many homes for as many troops as we can. These men and women have dedicated their lives to serving our country and we want to show our appreciation.

Click on the Bands for Brothers & Sisters banner on the website to buy tickets and to save $5 on your purchase. Memorial Day comes and goes but the gift of a home and essentially a better life will be a daily reminder of our never ending gratitude.


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Thanks for your time,

June 29, 2010 at 10:27 AM  

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